Monday, 23 February 2009

Tammy Allen - From Me To You

This CD is BRILLIANT. If classy vocal jazz tinged with soul is your bag then Tammy Allen is just the Lady for you. This is a really sophisticated and classy album and if you are fans of jazzy Ladies such as Veronica Martell, Raye Jones, Liberty Silver, Me'Na and Elaine Elias then please add this lovely Lady to your collection. This Atlanta native cites many influences including George Duke and Nina Simone; both classy influences are they not?! The album is unashamedly lyrically mature and bursts with zeal, energy and fervour that almost verges into funk in places. Tammy always remains ultra-smooth and unhesitatingly soulful. Unafraid to face up to errant lovers or daily tribulations to the injustices in society, Tammy Allen begs your attention and believe me when she has it, boy does she have it! I would immediately insist you check out the sturdy, almost dark groove of “Don't Let Nobody Hold You Back” which features the shared vocal talents of James Powell, and very good he is too! The lyrics are positive and the groove reinforces the message. It is Tammy's confrontation with issues that strikes me, and her ability to make you think. They say there is a message in the music, and there certainly is here.
The raw and jazzy “Deal With It” is a real corker and grabs the politicians by the scruff of the neck and the discourse into the way of the world is stark yet powerful: “I gotta deal with it” states Tammy, evoking the ethos of “Let's Clean Up The Ghetto”. This is actually a very powerful song but also subtle. The more light-hearted “Glide” with its 70s flow will definitely evoke memories of George Duke's MPS output and the keys, wah-wah guitar and live drums kick real backsides! I loe this song to pieces and the backing vocals come in at just the right point, raising the game even more. Remarkable. I think one of the KILLER cuts for me – and you, I am sure – is “What Am I Gonna Do” which is a searing ballad shared with our dear friend, Alex Lattimore. There are songs that you hear, and have to immediately play again and again and again. So it was with this song. Love it! “Today's The Day” is extremely positive and the vibe is overflowing to suit the theme, but I am more buoyed by my second killer choon which is “I Am Free” - Tammy's vocals are joyously set free to soar here and musically we are in excellent territory. Fans of Nicolas Bearde – especially his last set – will love this. I was also knocked out by the third killer, “From Me To You” this over and over again and hear the beauty and professionalism. The first 30 seconds hit me with such force. This is grown folks music to die for! Same goes for “Live Forever” too. Oh yes, this is what we want! Unmissable.

Barry Towler