Monday, 23 February 2009

Larry London Project - Lady

Let's bounce into the New Year – 2009, gosh! - with this lovely piece of 80s orientated dance floor action from the excellent Larry London Project. Fans of the previous work, and of the Cool Million set will find this track irresistible. It's not the most lyrically challenging number by any stretch of the imagination but that's not the point. It's intentionally upbeat, joyful and aims fair and square to lodge into the old grey matter. Repetitive it may be but that's the rub – you will not only love this but you'll be whistling this, singing along and feeling as if the recent festivities are still clinging on.
Let's face it – for us fellas anyway – Ladies are lovely (well, most are at any rate) and anything to celebrate and not berate is always worth a nod from me and this certainly gets a nod of approval. As we hit 2009 the musical arena is one that is a lot healthier than I had once feared. We seem to be getting back to basics and dispensing with a lot of the urban, heavy plodding street nonsense. In today's tunes we can hear the sounds of the 60s, 70s and 80s and hallelujah to that! Larry London gives us heaps of feel-good boogie tunes entrenched in an 80s groove and not complacent in that a modern '2 step' Togetherness feel bolsters and drives the beat forward. Let's all start 2009 on the good foot – get into this and celebrate “Lady”.

Barry Towler