Monday, 23 February 2009

Towanna - And Still I Rise

A full-voiced Songstress in the Classic Soul tradition, Towanna releases this download song that bodes well for her future endeavours. There is, yet again, a 60s vibe here with the horns, Motown-ish drum rolls and plenty of melody. Socially conscious, the message of day to day struggle for many people is laid down without the need for posturing, swearing or undue candour. People tend to forget that some of the most socially conscious and political music in the world was Soul Music! Rap can forget it's assumed mantle of consciousness – Soul was here first and the tradition lives on in artists such as Towanna. What marks soul apart from rap is the positivity. That's what appeals to me. In the face of adversity Towanna is terrifically defiant: “And I Still Rise” she testifies. Good for you, girl, and all with a strong, soulful backing too. Well worth a download and a name to watch out for.

Barry Towler