Monday, 23 February 2009

Ty Causey - True Love In Motion

I once wrote that Ty Causey was 'dependable' and 'consistent'. Yet again the great Man delivers the goods. In fact, this is probably his best work to date! Vocally he is kicking some real dirt up, and the sturdy and soulful production is worth it's weight in gold. Vocally I hear more dynamism too with touches of Willie Collins in places, especially when Ty really propels himself. Ty is an artist I have always supported and for all the right and proper reasons. Buy a Ty Causey album and what you get are these: 1. Quality soulful music 2. fantastic vocals and 3. consistency. Neither do I tire of the man's style either. At times when some artists try and sound like everyone else to sell a few copies, Ty is true and steadfast. Respect due. Ty asks if we can “Chill 2Nite” - and the answer is a resounding yes! The great man almost croons around his Lady with silky smoothness and yet the music almost sounds urgent and predatory, the rhythm sexy and anticipatory like a thumping heartbeat. Ty reveals great truths within his musical fabrics. His words may be smooth but the power that his words conceal are raw, unrefined and purely carnal. There is where the soul is revealed and the passion allowed to bet lose. Magical! “Closer To Your Love” is yet another quality cut and seriously does the business, ranking as some of the man's best recordings to date.
“Gotta Be” is another song I can especially pinpoint for praise. The muted trumpet is spot-on and takes me back in memory to Blackstreet's brilliant “Tonight's The Night”. Ty takes on a jazzier, scat approach with “Soundz Of Muzic”with an ode to making music, feeling music and delivering music. The lyric s are right there – he puts into song exactly how I feel about music and how it touches me. Again, the words are powerful and the vocals are soulful and smooth. Brilliant. Following this, and all that's been said, we approach “True Love In Motion” with a sharpened mind and more open heart. Immediately the eerie keys and sexy, deep resounding bassline wraps around you and blots out anything else. Talk about the power of music! I'm a sucker for the jolly old flute, and already I am sold on the warm, summery “I Still Get Butterflies”. I can certainly hear a touch of Willie Collins here and this does nothing but make the package that is Ty Causey even more of a special product. “The Love Of My Life” takes the album onwards and forever upwards with strong sax and the 80s inspired “Golden Girl”reminds me, musically, of Atlantic Starr's “Don't Quit On Me Now”. The final cut, “Make This Moment Last” is a KILLER with vocals similar to the great Michael Jeffries. Very much in the style of THOSE classy early 90s ballads. You know the ones – the ones we miss so much. What more to say than snap this set up. Essential

Barry Towler