Monday, 23 February 2009

Douyé - Journey

Another fresh, new name to introduce you to in 2009 – Douyé. Born in Nigeria, but now based in Los Angeles Douyé has a very distinctive voice and has a really strong British feel to it. She is sexy, sultry and her jazzy inclinations add a silky smoothness and more than a touch of smoke. The set is aa collaboration between Douyé and a certain gentleman called Terry Shaddick, who is a renowned pop songwriter and producer well known for – believe it or not - co-writing Olivia Newton John’s smash hit “Physical.”! Don't panic, though as there is nothing on here to match that! I can put this CD on and let it run it's course. In a lot of ways it flows and has many similarities with, say, the superb Kuh Ledisma set from a decade ago. I love sets that can be left on, and neither does it bore or fail to impress. This, again, shows us what can be achieved and produced if the artist is allowed to get on and do what they do best, that being making music and not following trends or jumping on bandwagons.
The CD starts off on the right note with the cool and sparse “Fly Away”, the chunkier and more-ish “On For You” with some brilliant drunken guitar in the mix which I personally love, and the blindingly good “In Love With You” complete with Philly type guitar and haunting synth will definitely have you won over. This is classy indeed. The guitar plays a big part of the very smoky and jazzy titled track, “Journey” - vocally we're almost into Miki Howard territory! Very tasty indeed, and this is how the flow takes you – a great contrast to the first few songs but the momentum and gravitas of the set draws you constantly forwards. Very tastefully executed. “Still Hurting” is strong, with vocal nods to Sade here, methinks. I heartily recommend “Walk Away” as well, the rhythm is warm and I can hear touches of Regina Belle in the more animated vocal parts too. The final cut, “The Voice”, is very MOR and may not appeal to many but listen to the style and how Douyé interacts here as a songwriter and singer. This is worthy of the likes of Diane Warren or Cynthia Weil. This Lady obviously has a very bright future and with Terry Shaddick an experienced hand on the tiller.

Barry Towler