Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Dre T. Turner - Whatcha Gonna Do - 2009 - Dre T. Turner

Strong, strong, strong. I'm not a great lover of the Southern sound but when I get it, boy I get it! This 10-tracker will appeal to fans of the vocal style of Gerald Alston, and if you like the style of later Leo Graham work then you're in very safe hands. In fact this comparison really is the best I could offer you as Andre has recorded a stunning version of The Manhattans' 1980 smash "Shining Star" which you will find snuck away on their essential "After Midnight" album. This version is more punchy, a shade more upbeat and although embraces the ethos of the original, Dre's vocals really are fresh as is the re-arrangement. This is definitely a cover version I can work with. The album does not rest on it's laurels and rely on the cosy, familiar or safe. It is like a breath of fresh air and will whisk you nicely along from track to track with contrasting emotions, tempo and feel. Dre has done a grand job.

"Delicious" does not fall foul of the trades descriptions act - the southern sensibilities of the greats such as Tyrone Davis and Johnnie Taylor are well ensconced within André's vocal style, and works very well in opening up the album. Continuing the taste bud theme, "Tasty", sneaks in with an oh-so-dirty groove, the theme of love addiction handled very nicely without any trace of contemporary RnB lewdness. "Tease" is an outright Southern styled slow jam of a style which Willie Clayton would equally be at home. "Whatcha Gonna Do" has a great mid-late 1980s Indie flavour to it - think Randall Jermaine "Runnin'" but better and you're in the right kinda place. The slinky "Infatuation" does nowt but increase the CDs potential and the Gerald Alston flow merges well with a Willie Collins grittiness. The great "She" completes this toothsome set of modern southern contemporary soul. Highly recommended!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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