Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Cuba Gooding - Never Give Up - 2009 - Bluewater Records

2009 sees the return of yet another legend of Soul, Cuba Gooding. This is an artist I have always had time for, and I cannot think of any album he has released that has not had more than it's fair share of gems on it. Cuba has, since exiting the popular Main Ingredient, been very actively touring and performing. His dalliance with Beach Music has been a longstanding on, and many of you will recall with some affection his work on the Love X 3 compilation back in the early 1990s. More recently, Cuba was added by popular demand to The Embers, "Beach Music Super Collaboration" CD on which he performed the Charles Wallert, "Meant To Be In Love" to much acclaim.

This has led to the Cuba and Charles' current project, “Never Give Up”, which debuted at the 2009 Presidential inauguration no less! "This song represents hope and encouragement for everyone - Believe!" declares producer Charles Wallert. And who are we to argue? You will know this classy, inspirational song already. The song, "Never Give Up", featured on the ESSENTIAL Embers CD "The Show Must Go On" back in late 2007. The arrangement is pretty much the same but what strikes me is the fantastic and different vocal approach that Cuba has taken on the song. I am sure that recent seismic political movements in the US have prompted this song and a lot of passion and sincerity have been put into the vocals thanks to this great, great vocalist. He really suits this sound and I cannot wait for the fully-fledged album from the man. Poignant, impassioned...but that's just Cuba Gooding all over!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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