Monday, 23 March 2009

Keni Myles - My Rhythm And My Blues - 2008 - Deja's Way

Myles delivers his first solo album and slips us a set to please both younger Fresh out of Indianapolis comes the vibrant Keni Myles; a youthful artists with plenty of old school sensibility - steeped in the vocal traditions of more mature artists such as Barrington Scott-Henderson, and stylistically conversant with the approach of Carl Thomas, Keni will appeal to both young RnB ears and older Soul Heads. Unlike many of today's new breed, there is definitely more substance than style and although this may not be in the leagues of Keith Washington, Phil Perry, Jeffrey Osborne etcetera Keni still has a LOT more than the Ne-Yos and Chris Browns of this world. I don't find the style off-putting at all, as I do the styles of aforementioned whippersnappers.

The more I hear the opening cut, "2 Way Gift" the more I feel at home with it - the arrangement may be very 2009 and choppy/jerky but underpinning this is the real vocal talent that Keni has. This is the difference - this guy has talent and can actually really sing!!!!! A more traditional soulful approach can be located with "Last Night" - I particularly like the dreamy keys and the subtle yet very satisfying synth which is almost on the periphery of our attention. Excellent, and I also highly recommend this if you like the last few Motown sets by the Temptations. This would not be out of place on "Legacy". "I Can't Count 'Em" is a really strong cut and will be a fave if you have warmed to artists such as Sam Salter, Seven, Skalp and Carl Thomas. If the latest sets by Charlie Wilson are to your taste then ballads such as "Rain" and "Sexi" will satisfy, and the funky 80s inspired "Damn!" will follow on as a great effort too. My final choice is a real cracker - please check this out. "No One's To Blame" features Tres Gilbert on bass and Moses Staimer on guitar and the vibe is similar to Bobby Glover's "It's My Turn" but a shade slower. A new, fresh artist with great potential.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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