Monday, 23 March 2009

Theo Peoples - Life's II Short - 2009 - RLT Music

Theo Peoples stands very tall in my opinion; a remarkable talent and a real 'powerhouse' vocalist who was more than deserving at a stint with the Temptations. Delivering impassioned scorchers such as "Stay" and "This Is My Promise" Theo made an immediate mark on me, and his recent work as lead singer with the Four Tops has done nothing to dampen my enthusiasm. Check out "East West" and you will soon feel this man's raw power. This, his third solo album, comes just at a time when i was wondering if we would ever hear any new solo work from this man! Production comes from the legendary Rodney Trotter - of HDH fame, as well as Tony Johnson and Lee Loving. Only 9 tracks, I grant you, but well worth a purchase. Theo has collected together a good mix of ballads and steppers and I have to say that the CD flows very well - even more consistent than his previous works.

The lead single (track 7 on here) is called "U Fit The Bill" and is absolutely SUPERB. This is a classic crossover radio RnB hit and is as strong as any quality cut that you will hear today. This is my favourite song, and has been played over and over and over again. It has a joyous, breezy early 90s quality feel and cannot be beaten. The sheer optimism of "Change" can be landed - I suppose - on the election of a new President. Whatever the case this is a great track and reminds me a bit of the late Solar sound. "Crazy" is a cut that utilises the rapturous response of a live crowd, and though this doesn't work what is seriously knockout is Theo himself who let's rip and gives us the sort of performance that grabbed my attention all those years ago. The freaky sounds of the title track works well too, and the feeling is not far from that of the groove of Portrait's "Lovin' U Is Ah-Ight". The traditional ballad "Can I Be The One" is a welcome respite in today's more sampled, beat-heavy environment, and the chorus will eventually get inside your head. The sweet sax on the Babyface-ish "Why Did You Lie" is great and the man himself finds a real home on this rumbling groove. A welcome return, Mr. Peoples. Now then...a new Four Tops album??????

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe