Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Richard Alexander Davis - Richard Alexander Davis - 2009 - Love Town Records

Not to be erroneously muddled up with the tip-top UK artist Richard Anthony Davis, Richard Alexander Davis hits us with an album that I expected NOT to like, and I was very happy and nicely surprised to sit through this album of interesting and varied soulful interpretations without yawning, sighing or grinding my gnashers! Richard Alexander Davis is an extremely capable and soulful vocalist in the most delicious manner - and this showcases what talents he has. What I am keen on is what NEW material he can come up with, as this would really and truly cement this guy into my consciousness. I am really impressed with the choices of songs covered here. These are well known tunes but not necessarily the most obvious ones. This is no American Idol pastiche. The readings are very true to the originals yet different, updated and fresh enough to be considered different beasts.

Take, for example, his BRILLIANT version of Freddie Jackson's "Nice 'N Slow" which is one of my favourite Jackson tunes. A really fresh, lively, rendition and one to stand alongside the original yet far enough apart to be totally complimentary in any number of ways. "Love Town" is another song that works very well - and no more so that the great cover of Sherrick's "Just Call". A song I adore, still, to this day. The anthemic "I Am Somebody" is given a triumphant repaint and still manages to inspire positivity in me when I hear it - his version of Al Jarreau's classic "Just To Be Loved" is also tasty and the acoustic rendition of another top Freddie Jackson tune, "Rock Me Tonight", is very different and unquestionably stylish. His version of Jeffrey Osborne's 1982 hit "Don't You Get So Mad" is absolutely brilliant and I cannot recommend it enough. He passes well on James "D-Train" Williams' appearance on Bob Sinclair's "Darlin'" as well - a good job done. A very worthwhile CD, here.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe