Friday, 3 April 2009

Chidi - Unrehearsed - 2009 - Selah Records

An album for a very broad spectrum of people. Chidi is an extremely talented Lady comprising a talent that has many classy inferences. I hear Jean Carn, Adriana Evans, the sass of Sunshine Anderson and an edgier, grittier vocal aside that would appeal to fans of Tina Turner! T%he album is very accessible, very soulful and should be a very big seller if there's any justice. Some tracks, as the CD develops really do edge into Tina Turner territory and that's OK for me as I am a fan of the Lady. The CD CD kicks off with a real flourish, plenty of soul and a tremendous groove. The spoken word, the punchy beats and the cosmic synths speak much to me about the strength of this Lady. If I were pushed, I would say that I would buy the album purely for this song, and this song alone. I love this to pieces, and perfect for a warm, spring day such as today. Songs like this can chase clouds away and blow cobwebs away. Those who know me will be aware how many cobwebs cover me!

"So Naturally" throws out the album being a mere yet essential one tracker! This is very, very classy indeed and reminds me of Adriana Evans meets Oleta Adams! Though this Lady has a far better range that Oleta! The sounds of Tony Toni Toné / Grass Roots Productions ooze from the GORGEOUS "My Ray" - a track that would not be out of place on Jody Watley's "Flower" album. Lovely and just right for the warmer weather. The socially conscious "They Tell Me" is great - a song that takes on board the state of the world and the comments made by the optimistic. I get a feeling that there is, like me, no cynicism here but therein lies an optimist with experience! We all make our own fortunes, and Chidi has begun work on a solid career with this CD. Check the lovely and subtle funk of "Wrong Again", complete with rhythm guitar and flute. This is sheer infectious Y2K quality soul! Chidi is a great new talent, that's goes without saying. I heartily and warmly recommend you acquaint yourself with her ASAP.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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