Thursday, 2 April 2009

Erin Hunt - Meet Me In The Middle - 2009 - Erin Hunt

A lovely new talent out of Ontario, Canada, Erin Hunt is a forceful, dynamic and sassy singer with a hint of attitude. Her album is an EP which is earthy, rootsy and will have appeal to the British market place in great measure. You are going to love tracks such as "If I Could Go Back". The gritty, live, instrumentation almost augers the ghost of Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry" and one feels that this the sort of groove that India.Arie would be very good in. This is no reggae jam, though - you get a flavour and it's an intrinsic feeling more than anything explicit. The keyboard bridge is straight out of a 70s soul/funk album and her more than able vocal abilities flow like silk over the top. Lovely.

A funkier and darker approach is the sassy and no-nonsense "My Friends" - I am sure Stevie's "Innervisions" is a reference point here. For those who like a jazzier flavour then "If You Believe In Me" complete with Latin percussion, funky horns, jazzy ivories and acoustic guitar will get your juices flowing. "Ain't Nobody" is a statement, not a song. Erin is a forthright singer with super potential. The organ flourishes add weight to my feeling that this is one Lady who could TESTIFY as good as any other and her swank and sass would definitely make a fair few stop and take a listen! This is an excellent track. The sextet is complete with the retro sounding "The Weight". The brass touches, the heavy bassline and guitar licks all speak to me of better days, and reminds me so much of what ?uestlove recently laid down for Al Green. This is classy stuff, and all available - as you would expect - from CD Baby!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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