Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lori Nebo - I Am A Voice With Lyrics - 2009 - Inspiration Love Songs

There must be very few hours in the day for dear old Lori Nebo! We've only had one set from this talent and here we are, the previous CD still warm in my player, and we have another one. Not that I'm complaining, of course. Lori hits us with this double whammy of songs that lift the spirit, get you thinking and get you ready for romancing. It's the romancing bit I am really interested in here, and the ballads on here win hands down, beating all the other songs. Lori has a very diverse mix of tracks; uptempo cuts aimed at the urban market and a very accessible Eastern flavoured cut called "Melinda's Song". Full of Eastern promise and makes me want to rush out and buy a bar of Turkish Delight. At this juncture I will say that other brands of confectionery are available!!! My first song of real Vibe Scribe distinction is the gloriously sensual "In The Morningtime". This is a real quality groove that transports me back to the late 80s / early 90s indie scene, think Candyce McCord or Vickie Harvey - that sort of groove courtesy of Kevin McCord! "What A Beautiful" also commands a great deal of my attention - this is as equal to anything on the classy new Mykah Montgomery CD (see review!), and the Robbie Mitchel composition "Always Another Train" with it's rhythm guitar and cool synths works well with Lori's amply talented vocal skills.

Von Thadden's "Angel" is another cracker, a clapping beat, a floating vocal performance and some Spanish guitar merge with a slight, understated ether-like synth backdrop that serves Lori and the CD well. I much prefer songs like there, but appreciate what this lovely Lady is doing regarding the uptempo tunes. One of my faves is the groovesome "Time To Fly" - a very good foot tapper and one of my faves amongst the basspin tremblers on offer. "A Passion For You" and "I Am" really are crackers and I especially rate the sentiment behind "I Am". This Lady really can see beyond the shallowness that currently afflicts our society and more power to her for it, too. The CD, too is also noteworthy for it's dedication to a very special and much missed soul - Dr. Martin Luther King. "He Had A Dream" pays homage to this wonderful soul and with this, and all the aforementioned gems I cannot do nowt but recommend - again! - Lori Nebo's new CD.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe