Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Mykah Montgomery - Me & U - 2009 - Me Records

I was so happy to see a new, full album from this superb, sexy singer. I was enthralled by her sexy tune, "Love Is Blind" which was released by First Experience Records on their Simply Soul Flavas set back in 1998 (all 3 of her cuts from that CD are on here!) This 2009 set is one that you will love just as much. In this new album we have a really diverse and eclectic mix of styles, sounds and themes, all threaded with the beautiful vocals of this beautiful Lady. I actually like all the flavours on here. It's a far more interesting, textured, and aural journey than a lot of sets which can be great but can suffer from being too much light, or too little shade. Mykah will not fail to get your soulful juices flowing. Her ability to craft a strong, soulful song with impeccable melodies, intricate emotions and layered with emotion and rhythms that will get the feet tapping and the soul stirring.

For my money the CD's strengths are in the sexy, sensual ballads. This is what I would like the likes of Chanté Moore to record, and fans of her first - and by far the best - CD from 1992 will easily find this CD to their taste. OK, so let's look at eclectic and diverse shall we? Take the opening cut, "Do Ya Wanna Ride". On first hearing I was very confused as it appears that the beats and the melody are completely this a few times and what you have here is VERY clever and very intricate and not at all discordant. A very worthwhile challenge and what i would term 'postmodern soul"! LOL. The following cut is more accessible, if I can use that phrase, and it is a chunky slice of funky soul called "Think I Like Ya". I love this song to bits and I even appreciate the rocky inclusion, "I Just Wanna Go Outside"! More for the soulful ear is the gorgeously warm swayer "What Can I Say" - totally more-ish and essential. the following cut "I Want You" will also impress you in a major way, and the melody will work it's way under your skin. "Should I Call You" floored me - this haunting tune should really hit you full on. Meli'sa Morgan would be a great point of reference on this deep, sultry and dirty groove. Very nice indeed! Another must-have CD for 2009! Welcome back, Mykah! Mwah!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe