Monday, 18 May 2009

Eddie Sea - Unleashes Moon City - 2009 - Music Of The Sea Records

2009 continues undaunted with more strong, strong soul music. Eddie "Sea" Caldwell, a multi-talented writer, arranger and producer has compiled an very interesting and eclectic set of songs that will appeal to everyone - and I mean everyone! "Moon City" has elements of Neo-Soul, R&B, Soul, Rock, Latin, Acoustic, Funk, Hip Hop, and World Music all fused into one album! This is no mean feat and I know that some of you may baulk at a set that appears to be so diverse, yet I can honestly guarantee you that you will be clamoring to buy this CD by a few moments into track one, let alone the rest! Please head over to iTunes or and take a listen for yourself and hear exactly what i mean! Track one literally blew me away. A sublime slice of quality 2009 soul music delivered by the awesome vocalist in the vein of Ruscola, Aaron Sledge, and the song is called "India" - NOT the same as Eric Benét's song from his 2005 set, "Hurricane", but a fresh new song equally as great. This has a lot of clout and some keys and synths to die for. Meaty, and full of goodness for the soul. I call this an irresistible groove which could do some serious action on the more discerning dancefloors! keys...a great story to the song, too. This is a song that I would buy the CD for...the keys are almost reminiscent of, say, Ramsey Lewis! Yes, it is that good!

The Golden Child is an EXCELLENT vocalist and he reminds me slightly of J C Chavez. Anyhow, he offers the superb "Fire" and the rap by Rio does NOT ruin the flow at all. The keys and the vibe is simply superb. "Underwater Paradise" is another winner and thanks goes, again, to the superb
Track 2 continues the true elegance that is offered here...Marilyn Hearnes gives us the BRILLIANT "Sister" featuring Shauntia Toussaint. Check out THOSE summery 80s good timesShauntiaToussaint who really goes for the vocals in a big way and reminds me slightly of a more restrained and less high pitched Susaye Green. Oh yes, this is what we want to hear! Add the hi-hat groove of "Changing People" and jazzy vocal that she expertly deploys then what picture builds up here is one of a super-talented singer!!!! Add the eclectic, Eastern sounds on here with BIG drums, sitar and bells and the mix is given an even more exotic, world feel - pretty much in the Xantoné Blacq mode! Eddie's CD really is a corker and one I heartily recommend!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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