Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Richard Alexander Davis - Lovin' You Direct - 2009 - Lovetown Records

You may recall I reviewed The self-titled set from Richard Alexander Davis a few months ago and I loved the album, remarking that I would love to see this man record more in the way of new, original material. Well, here he is doing just that and showing that this UK Soul Brother from Bath can really cut the mustard and knock the US market into a cocked hat with a set of extremely soulful ballads and steppers. The album is rooted in today's quality music scene yet displays much that does not sever ties with the past. The use of warm Fender Rhodes-type keyboards and the mere presence of laying, structure and - steps back in amazement! - melody mark him apart from the moronic RnB superstars of today. Richard Alexander Davis is the real deal and I for one are proud that a fellow Englishman is flying the flag for real Soul music! Every single track is a winner. OK, OK, there are but 9 songs but hey - better 9 crackers that 16 songs and mostly fillers to boot. From the offset we are given no room to breath as the boogie tune takes us away! "High From Your Lovin'" sparkles, it really does, and the tendency to use warm rhythms, keyboards and freaky synths and guitars is something I am definitely happy with.

The positivity in a relationship is cherished and lauded in the catchy "Celebrate", and the SUPERB "Back In Love" with it's Randy Bowland styled guitar and lead piano and keys are seriously 80s PIR and this track is so soulful it hurts! Yes, songs and albums like this really excite me and here we are only into track 3! Please, please, please check out this song. Amazing. A wicked bassline and guitar performance pervades "I Really Want You Now" and the title song, "Lovin' You Direct" puts the tendency to take relationships into the cyber world - email, texting etc - back where it should be: on a back burner! A theme voiced by Prince a few years ago and seconded here most ably. I really want to give serious word to the final two tracks as these really do leave a great impression on me. "Realise" is absolutely wonderful. The warm 80s keys are straight out of the days of Twennynine and THAT wonderful 1979 - 1982 era. Oh, this is sheer soul heaven!!! Finally we have the AWESOME "Come Over" which closes the CD is such a sexy, stylish manner...Producer Tim Jones adds some real Philly guitar licks and the loose rhythm and Dexter Wansel-like keyboards leave you demanding MORE. I hope that we get a lot more from Richard Alexander Davis, Tim Jones and the gang. One of the best CDs I have had the pleasure to lay my hands upon this year.

Barry Towler

The Vibe Scribe

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