Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Teisha Marie - Addicted To Life - 2009 - Teisha Marie Music

Teisha Marie is a new, fresh name and although a US soul singer actually originates not far from Yours Truly is Norfolk! This Boo'ful young Lady delivers a set much tastier that Bernard Matthews' Norfolk Turkeys and is one that you will be heading over to CD Baby for (link below!) This CD follows her successful EP last year and fans of the style of Julie Dexter will lap this album up. It's modern, stylish, soulful but NOT crass in any way at all. Teisha has a great approach to soul Y2K stylee. It has a solid, no-nonsense sassy style that is poised to grip your imagination - using warm melodies that settle us back in the memories of yesteryear, the shuffling beats that set it apart back in 2009 and some really lovely ethereal synths / keys that dips it's toes in the future. She sings in "Txt Msg" to 'keep your future in your pocket and hold it very close" and I can tell that this is sung from the heart and is something more than a simple lyric or sound-bite. I feel this Lady actually practices what she preaches.

For this crusty, jaded old grump there are easily 6 songs on here that get my interest scrabbling up over the parapet to take a keener look. I would, if I were you, not overlook the wonderful title track, "Addicted To Life" for a strong, positive message full of insight and wisdom. Young Ladies like this can teach the world-weary and had-enough-of-it-all likes of myself a lot and I welcome it and embrace it with open arms. Having had this I find the cobwebs and dust well and truly shaken off me with the bumping and bouncy "Unscripted". LOL - my car has banged away to this groove all week and has been unsettling every snoozing piece of Suffolk countryside since it dropped on my doorstep! This is a serious contender for my track of the moment and I think you will LOVE it! The aforementioned "Txt Msg" is also superb in a haunting yet urban way and "Awaken" with it's gentle piano intro also adds some joi de vivre with some bass-pin trembling undertones and cleverly discordant scales a la Bacharach mixes up a real storm. My next fave is the SUPERB "Open". A song that will wheedle it's way into the jolly old grey matter courtesy of a gorgeous keyboard riff, constant and stoic in support of the chunky bassline. Brilliant. My final choice is the atmospheric and brooding "Temporary" - something I truly hope this lovely young Lady will not be. Please check these tunes out - I can guarantee soul satisfaction!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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