Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Clara Moreno - Miss Banco - 2009 - Far Out

IF you have loved recent sets from Azymuth, Arthur Verocai and Toco then you will also love this set from Brazilian star, Clara Moreno. Clara is, as is so evident from her likeness, the daughter of the SUPERB Joyce (check out my recent review) and is carrying the flame onwards with all the grace, verve and passion that her dear old Mum still has in abundance. This is Samba, make no doubt about it, and is superbly and lushly recorded with every care that is deserves and really does keep the flame very much alive in the 21st Century. In fact, with the sheer amount and quality of Samba music still coming out of Brazil and other places such as Italy it's more akin to a bonfire than a flame! What this CD does so well is recreate many old faves from the 1960s and remould them for new ears. These are not mere cover versions but lavish reinterpretations, pure and simple. The theme is to evoke the grooving, steamy old school clubs of Lapa, Rio De Janeiro for today's ears and with the help of Mum and other legends such as Joao Donato, Orlandivo and Skowa along with instruments that are sympathetic to that era. Gorgeous.

I particularly would like to draw "Uala Ualala" to your attention. Such a gorgeous song and perfect for this Lady to perform. The laid back, summery groove is perfect. Simply perfect and not only pays its dues to the original Bossa sound but also to the quality of recording and musicianship on the scene today. My other highlight is "Que Besteira" which has been played LOUD in my car - I have no idea what she's saying as I don't understand Portuguese - but that's all part of the romance of Samba and Bossa Nova for me. It's magical, mystical and warm! You can hear the love and respect in every word, every note. No jiggery-poker too, folks...recorded LIVE. You don't get that much these days, guys n' gals and if you love Far Out's lush output then snap up a copy of this remarkable and toothsome CD. The collaboration between Clara, the musicians and the writing talents of legends such as Jorge Ben, Joao Donato and Tutty Moreno amongst others is sublime. Being honest, the result is superb, it really is. The music is a jubilant and unapologetic cocktail of Samba, Bossa Nova and jazz - oh, and plenty of sass! I have played and enjoyed this CD many, many times and recommend it without hesitation.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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