Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Gianna - Something True - 2009 - Expansion

Kendall Duffie of Kloud 9 and Dwayne Walker have struck gold with this Lady who is both beautiful and talented; these soulful brothers have taken her and worked around her ample talents in a sympathetic and totally respectful manner. They work in sheer wonderful symbiosis. This Lady has her own style and nothing has been done to make her anything she isn't. That's a rare trait these days and a doff of the cap to Kendall and Dwayne for having the decency and common sense to not fix something that works very well indeed: originality, personality, style and SOUL. There is much less of an uptempo or urban edge, for example. If you are into the styles of, let's say, Khani Cole, Liberty Silver or even Kuh Ledisma then "Something True" will appeal to you. It was an album that needed to be seriously sat down and listened to, and what this proves to me is that some time and skill has been put into this CD. If you're one for skipping tracks quickly after a few seconds then you may not find this CD appealing. IF you like to sit back and savour the flavour then your soulful palette will be immensely treated.

If nothing else, the set is consistent. That, too, is a rare trait these days. The use of real instruments as a balance to Gianna's super smooth and soulful vocals is perfect. The soulful sax, for example, on the title track is brilliant. It literally meanders freestyle and untethered around her vocals doing nothing but compliment her style in the very best way. Simply gorgeous. Fans of Marion Meadows will appreciate this track. Nice bassline too. The real deal-clincher for me is the GORGEOUS "Picking Up The Pieces". This track opens up with the voice message, some super-fine flute and a sexy bassline to die for. Easily my favourite track, I have played this song over and over. Quality is assured on each and every count and hats off to all and sundry for this SUPERB track. I also applaud the use of real strings on the bouncy "Hooked On You", the wah-wah guitar wades in and gives the song a modern yet retro feel. Warm, solid and soulful. This CD really has something for everyone - the melancholy and haunting melodies of "Legacy" will appeal to many as will the brassy and upbeat "One Step Closer" - a dalliance with a house beat too, none the less! Yet another winner from Ralph at Expansion.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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