Monday, 13 July 2009

Jonas - Waitt - 2009 - Playground

I'm sure you all know and respect this man by now and it's not hard to understand why. I really enjoyed his last album, "Sweet Dreams Guaranteed" - a fairly recent release, too - and especially spun "No Need To Shine" a lot here at home. His new CD will really ensure that the man winds a place in both your heart and record collection. Just sat here now listening to the music, handling the luxurious CD packaging and having the DVD to savour too (yes, folks, there is a DVD with a documentary and 2 music videos!) it is amazing to see how much time, love, blood, sweat, tears and money have been spent on this album. This gentleman takes the today's synthesised un-talents and knocks them all into a cocked hat. This is EXACTLY what dear old Eric Benét should be recording more often! Classy artists such as Paul Mac Innes and T.B.O.I, Remy Shand or Maxwell will hear this and nod their heads to the grooves - they will all certainly feel kindred to the style. Such quality and such professionalism. Who needs the non-talents of today's whiskerless autotuned youth when we have REAL TALENT such as Jonas Rendbo on the scene?

The instrumentation is real, the atmosphere closeted, warm and almost reverential. This is a quality recording and everything about it simply glitters! "Two Times Love Is One" has the honour of opening up this album. WOW! Is all I can say about this. Here we are in 2009 with a truly soulful sound that is so today yet is so founded in the righteous 70s mode! The live musicians are great - the warmth created here easily equalls songs from Al Green's last epic release. Think "You Got The Love I Need" and you're not far away. The Hammond Organ of "Chariot" along with the bluesy guitar creates such a lovely atmosphere. Top marks on this set, Old Boy. "Balance On The End" owes it's halting, hesitant style to that of the Isleys at their 70s ballad best. The rhythm is measured and metered out with some delicious keys and organ - not forgetting for a split second the super soulful vocal chops. Fans of quality 70s soul will not fail to fall in love with the amazing track aptly titled "Sensational". The strings add a rich lushness and those who consider themselves "Neo Soul" should stop and take note of what Jonas is creating here. A true master of his craft, Jonas has me completely enthralled by songs such as this AND "My Trust In You". This is one album that you simply cannot be without. Top-draw quality from the outset. da man!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe