Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Peaches And Herb - Colors Of Love - 2009 - Imagen Records

YES! YES! YES! Now forget the hype over artists such as Maxwell etc, come and check out some REAL Soul Music. Herb Fame is back with a new Peaches and after almost 30 years has returned in strength along with his new 'Peaches', an incredibly gifted vocalist Meritxell Negre, to deliver what I unshakably believe to be their finest album to date. It is so brilliant, is it not, that in 2009 we still have many of the Greats with us, many delivering albums for the first time in well over a generation - and all so strong, too. I am as excited and intoxicated with this CD as I was with Little Anthony and The Imperials' latest CD and very little I say here could add anything to you hearing the CD yourself and thinking 'Wow!'. It basically sells itself. Almost every single track is a standout and with very few cuts by way of fillers or weak links, in my estimation, can be found.

I tend to lean towards the ballads here but the funkier numbers are also strong. This is no cheap, lame effort and some clout and money has gone into this production as well as a lot of energy and effort from Herb and the delightful Meritxell. Anyone thinking this duo are stuck in the 70s Reggie Perren era will soon have that idea swept away with the VERY modern "Higher"; contemporary yet not crass in a 'RnB' way. I love the fact that an artist of Herb's stature can cut it with any style and era and has moved with the times from 1967 to today's Hip Hop Soul culture. The first song that blew me away was "Tell Me That You Loved Me". Remember the classiest of classy tunes that Searling would play as new releases in the late 80s - well, this is exactly what this hits you as. This is a mighty, mighty ballad and serves as one of the best songs recorded under this group. Almost in By All Means / Chapter 8 territory this song is a clear WINNER. The chunkier bass ballad "Spend The Night" is very similar to "Hey You!" from his latest and must-have CD so if that style makes your mouth water then go ahead and buy this CD! The second track to knock me to the floor was "Any Day Now". NOT the well-trodden classic but a new song, this really is classy Y2K soul at it's best and fans of Miles Jaye's recent works will feel this vibe. Superb. "Survive" also reaches incredible highs and the midtempo "Say You Love Me" cannot be faulted either. This is, dear readers, a CLASSY CD. Albums like this are becoming scarce and need to be snapped up, advertised, supported and given as much exposure as possible! ESSENTIAL.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe