Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Willie Collins - The Right Perspective - 2009 - His Grace Records

Willie Collins is a firm favourite amongst quality soul lovers here in the UK thanks to his superb "Where You Gonna Be Tonight" album for Capitol back in 1986. This SUPERB singer proved his worth alongside the likes of Beau Huggins, Womack and Womack and McFadden and Whitehead. His rich soulful, sometimes Southern style was a real treat, his style of singing simply spot on. Such a shame that a second album never materialised - until now. This EP was originally issued late in 2008 but has now resurfaced with a modified album cover here in 2009. Fans of this Great Man will not be disappointed as, vocally, he is totally undiminished and still possesses oodles of soul, passion and laser-sharp delivery. 2009 sees this 6-tracker reach a more non-secular audience and so an Inspirational set is what you will find. Now, if you are like me and not at all religious then please do not be put off. The grooves are solid and the singing is amazing. That's enough for me.

The strongest track for me is the opening song. It's a real sturdy jam called "All Things" which will get you nodding with that 'Funky Face" that Prince quite rightly spoke about. I LOVE this track and have not tired of playing it LOUD. Willie testifies with such power and conviction like the real, powerful, soul singer that he is. A tip here, folks. Play it L-O-U-D. Try it and see what I mean. What a jam! And what a message for us all, whether you are a Christian or not. "Destiny" would not be out of place on the Capitol album. This has Hush Productions stamped on it and no mistake. The wavering, soulful vocal style really is as it was 23 years or so ago. Remarkable. The atmospheric "Until The End" again takes some beating, the message here is love between man and woman, real love spanning a lifetime. I'm a cynic in this department. No, I'm an optimist with experience so need convincing on this score so if Willie can offer any advice then I await an email! LOL. "He Keeps Giving More" takes an 80s approach, one that will score many points here in the UK I suspect, and why not, hmm? "Righteous Man" completes the set (not "Keep Giving More" as the booklet states!) and, frankly, has me wanting more. Willie Collins has been away from the scene for far too long and I am very happy to have him back. Another welcome return.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe