Monday, 24 August 2009

Alessia Piermarini - PG Major 7 - 2009 - Bluesoundstudio

Alessia Piermarini hails from Italy and should appeal to the neo-soul / jazz market that is very welcome and popular today. The music is solid, soulful, deep, resonant and totally what we want to hear. Vocally we are in Sade or Isabelle Antena sort of territory, and songs such as "Blood" from the offset should really warm the old cockles. This, to me sounds as it it was recorded live. If so then I am very, very impressed indeed. This is natural, raw and unbastardised music. Dreamy, vibrant and perfect for the sort of sunny late summer day such as today. A jazzier side, "What's It About", adds some funky licks but for me the real show stealer is the beautiful "Stay". This is a song filled with a mellow, misty feel and plenty of dreamy keyboards. This reminds me of some of the best material so far over the past 12 months. Think Maysa, Swing Out Sister and Gemma Gennazano for example.

Songs in her native tongue are vocally more fluid and being British and all that I have no grasp of any other language bar my own, Worzelese and Gobbledygook!!! However, the music is of an exceptional quality. Fans of Kem's work will soon warm to the style of music here. "Don't Step On My Flower" is another winner and the vocals really fire on all cylinders here. Great stuff, again it is warm, sultry and great listening for today. The laid back and impressive "Why" won't fail to impress you. The singing style is more urgent and the groove almost takes a darker, yet righteous style. the guitar is funky in places and bluesy in others. You'll love this. I also think you will be very much in love with the blindingly good "Spell On Me" The real drums and warm keys are bolstered by Alessia's excellent vocal performance and some textured vocal backing. This really is excellent. Don't allow this hidden gem to slip away unnoticed.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe