Monday, 24 August 2009

David Hudson - (Girl I'm Coming Home To ) Something Good - 2009 - Soul Junction

Soul Junction is a name I and many others have made positive noises about this year, and with this forthcoming 7" single coming our way soon their popularity as a label should increase no end. My hope is that these singles find their way onto CD. As I know many, many soul lovers still love their vinyl, there are those like myself who much prefer CD. However, the quality of these singles are really second to none and are much better than those of, say, two decades ago. This tune, then, is a hitherto unreleased David Hudson gem from the mid 1980s. From the sound of the keyboards I suspect we're talking 1983 - 1986 but I could be wrong. The melody, courtesy of Willie Mitchell out of Royal Studios in Memphis is so similar to a much later masterpiece, "One In A Million" by Al Green on his superb 2003 album, "I Can't Stop".

I have always loved David Hudson. I was playing his seminal 1987 "Nite And Day" but earlier today and it still gives me a great, great feeling inside. His material in the 70s and 80s for labels such as TK, Alston and Waylo are must-haves and should be in any connoisseur's collection. This single is another fantastic addition to this catalogue of tunes. This would have been a Robbie Vincent smash had it been available at the time and I would like to think he would give it some airplay on his new slot on Jazz FM. The keys are warm Fender Rhodes, the drum beat programmed in that typically 80s fashion, but the Memphis horns add that gritty edge. David needs no hype. Such a talented singer and a genuine talent that deserves much more greatness that he has hitherto been granted. Please take the time to check out this superb release. The question many more gems like this lie covered in dust somewhere in someone's studios????

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe