Thursday, 20 August 2009

T. Price - I Can't Stop The Raindrops - 2009 - 721 Productions

Another newcomer to savour and a set that is mostly filled with solid, soulful and essential cuts. Very few fillers come in to furrow the brow, and Terrence also lets slip through a few melodies of where his inspirations come from, all of which will earn the veritable thumbs up. Take, for instance the opening shot, "Don't Be Afraid" which is very much indebted to Luther Vandross' "The Night I Fell In Love" and there is also "Love Fantasy" which echoes "Sexual Healing" or the remix of "Faithful" which leans heavily on Atlantic Starr's "Touch A Four Leaf Clover". Don't get me wrong, these are excellent cuts and definitely warrant your undivided attention. Terrence Price is definitely a talent to watch out for, and tracks such as these give us some indication as to the pedigree of this man's taste. The aforementioned "Don't Be Afraid" really is a stunning slab of quality contemporary Independent soul and has been a tune that I have really, really dug over the past few weeks. "My Lady, So Fine"and "Every Time I See Her Face" are really, really more-ish - T's guitar licks add extra credence to his stake on this CD too.

I seriously recommend the early 90s sounding sexy beat ballad "Feeling Alone With You" and the twinkly and sparkly "It's Alright". This is a great track and does Terrence a lot of credit. This may be independent but it shows how much potential this man has. In "Let Me Take You Where You Wanna Go" he showcases a great feeling for using musical bridges and it's rare nowadays to hear that on a CD. Heck, even Gary Taylor seems to have forsaken those and he is the master of bridges! "Love Fantasy" adds to this - very short and sweet but perfectly in place and on the one. The title track also proves it's worth and "Let's Take Time" possesses a funky bassline entwines with much musical texture not often employed these days. In times of spartan, stripped-down beats it's refreshing to hear this kind of groove. Now, if this is not enough, "Life For You" really is strong and works wonders for me. Such a satisfying melody with sensitive vocals and arrangements. T. Price has won my respect and I hope that he returns to the studio again with more of the same.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe