Saturday, 17 October 2009

Marc Staggers - Then And Now - 2009 - Mark Staggers Music

You may never have heard of the wonderful talent who is Marc Staggers but this gentleman has been on the scene for nearly 20 years and has a whole wealth of experience behind him from his work within the church choir to working with Mom and Pop Winans, the legendary Clifton Dyson of "Dyson's Faces" fame, Stu Gardiner of Bill Cosby fame and then on to his first Gospel album, "Rejoice" in 2006. With a vocal style that ably stands on his own merit, yet bridges magnificently both Luther Vandross and Randy Wilson, Marc Staggers deserves to be standing in the light, out of the shadows and lapping up your attention in your CD player, iPod, whatever. This independent effort is the latest in a very long line of quality releases free from the cynical bandwagon creating circus of the major label scene. It's obvious listening to albums such as this that there are good old fashioned elements inherent called artistry and creativity at play here. Marc is not afraid to make his own mark on today's healthy independent music scene and this CD of ballads and steppers will do nought to damage his career whatsoever!

I know for a fact that all of those sensible enough to be a) visiting this website and b) reading my mad scribbles will fall in love instantly with the very first track, "Give You All My Lovin'". This is SUPERB. Real soul and then some, a catchy, very effective tune with real mass appeal in that superb Vandross mode, complete with flute and real instruments. Oh, it's new music like this that makes me distance myself further and further from the ludicrous tripe peddled as RnB in the US. Marc himself is a Washington DC resident and stands out from many of today's US artists in that he is true to what a song is really about: direction, melody, lyrics and...SOUL! "Can't Get Enough Of This Groove" right you are sunshine, and the stepping flavour is strong and should do well throughout the Steppin' Clubs in Chicago and the rest of the US. This definitely deserves airing on quality UK radio. The delicious piano led "Just You And Me" arrives a wee bit late for summer but definitely adds warmth to these rather cold October days, and the sexiness of "When I Think About Your Love" is astounding...I cannot wait to play this track in the presence of a certain Lady...this is a real tonic to the heart, mind and soul. Quality. A solid album for 2009 and a very strong secular debut for Marc Staggers. Unmissable soul.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe