Sunday, 22 November 2009

Jeff Ramsey - My Best - 2009 - Jeff Ramsey

Oh, it is so, so , so great to have a full album from this phenomenal vocal talent. A collaborator with the wonderful James Day on both his Expansion releases, the mighty Jeff Ramsey really does step forward and deliver his best. This man is so powerful vocally that I personally believe that he would be more than suited to a mighty group so like the Temptations. This man possesses a strong, soulful traditional approach to singing and he does so with real conviction, power and confidence. There is no false, macho swagger here that is so prevalent with many younger bucks these days. Jeff's talent speaks for itself, no posturing necessary. The CD itself, well...track one will render the album an essential purchase, and that is a real solid track which will have you hitting the purchase button IMMEDIATELY. Fans of the soulful, sturdy sounds of Kloud 9 at their best will totally love this track and will want it in their collection for definite.

The chunky flow follows on with the vibrant "Just Let Me Love You" and the excellent stepping groove of "Move On (Back In The Day)" will not disappoint either. What I like about this set and the tone is that the beats and bass do not override the soul or the strength of the vocals...there is no jostling for your attention. The beats may underlie a toughness but the smooth and silky vocal approach calms even the most savage of beats. The awesome "I Know That You Want 2" will appeal to those of you who love the early Y2K Temptations sound, Y2K G C Cameron or even Serieux. This is solid, dependable and FUNKY. "Speechless" is an 80s vocal workout attached to a more rumbly Y2K funky groove and this works very well indeed. "I Want U More" is a real favourite of mine, a real traditional outing that will sink deeper and deeper into your subconscious. This, my dear readers, is the power of great music and a great singer! "Fly So High" is a winner, more relaxed and laid back Jeff's effortless vocals find a real home on this kind of groove. There are 2 hidden tracks on this CD...not listed on the cover. The first of these songs is a KILLER ballad and as Robbie Vincent would say, you definitely need an adult present for this song!!!!! What a great track. SUPERB. This album is essential!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe