Sunday, 22 November 2009

Donald Sheffey - See You Tonight - 2009 - Weezie

A mere year after the highly acclaimed "Let's Be Lovers" album, Mr. Donald Sheffey hits us with his follow-up album, "See You Tonight", which is equally as tasty as before. Donald Sure is, as his CD Baby bio rightly says giving music back to the people. Donald is one of those rare commodities in the music world these days - young, gifted and unfettered by the negativity and diktats of the major label conglomeration. And doing things his own way is not doing this gentleman any injustice either. Vocally, as I said before, I hear elements of Randy Wilson and The Brothers Johnson, and the music on which the vocals partner up is smooth, soulful, real and exactly what us connoisseurs want to hear. I don't care what some people say, there is definitely a market for this material. The problem has been that the market has been controlled and channelled by those unsympathetic and ignorant to real music. I hope that artists such as Donald carve their own niche and profligate their music far and wide. This CD has the ability to do this, a buoyant mixture of ballads, midtempo numbers and steppers to give any ear enough variety.

A ballad to get the juices flowing is the soulful, yet jazz tinged, "My Heart", complete with real instruments including my favourites sax and flute, this is a warm opening song perfectly suited to the dark, dank days where we need to light the candles, draw the curtains and snuggle up. More programmed but no less impressive is the radio friendly and catchy "I'll Be Here" and there is also the excellent uptempo slightly Salsoul number "Tonight" which has the overtones of a classy Wil Wheaton number. I also appreciate the early 90s sounding thumper "I Don't Want You Back". This had me thinking of, say, Mass Order or Ten City during their Columbia period. Very moreish indeed! The melodic "Waiting" will not disappoint, and the yearning lyrics can and will be felt by those of you who harbour a loving feeling for anyone. The CLASSIC sounding "On My Mind" will certainly wow you. This is a melody that will haunt and has every indication of a Norman Connors influence a la his "This Is Your Life" album. Talking of influences, Will Downing springs to mind with the gloriously vivacious "Let's Go Away". So, Donald comes up trumps again and again...please check out all of his albums as all have more than their fair share of moments and this gentleman knows how to shine.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe