Monday, 2 November 2009

Peo Ft. Mirjam - Everything / Must Be Love - 2009 - Sundae Soul

Peo Ft. Mirjam return with 2 more monster steppers which should keep those dancing shoes happy. The style is very much in a Togetherness mode with it';s roots firmly rooted in the 1980s - think Cool Million, Bennson and so forth. We're talking excellence here and a sure-fire winner for this wonderful label. Frankfurt is so easily outstripping the traditional American sources such as New York or Los Angeles for soulful sounds - America had better get up off it's bottom and start smartening up or else the notion of US soul music will be one of quaintness and history. I never expected to write such things some 20 years ago but soul is, like love, where you find it and the UK and Europe is surely where it's at right now.

The groove is irresistible, uptempo and a tune that makes you MOVE and SMILE. Remember that, America? Well, take a listen to this and the equally more-ish flipside "Must Be Love" and I think you'll agree that this material more than stands shoulder to shoulder with the real, proper US music from the states back in the day. Those of you who adored their "Tonight" track will almost definitely want this single release, too. I'm sure it'll pop up on a compilation at some point, but don't wait and don't let this slip away. Available as a download from Juno, and as a collectible 7" single from your usual soul stockists. Classic NEW danceable soul. Doesn't get better than that, really.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe