Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cool Million feat. Meli'sa Morgan - Sweet Baby - 2009 - Sedsoul

This is simply fantastic...Cool Million come on strong YET AGAIN with a blockbuster 80s inspired dancer, hot on the heels of their delicious remake of The Sunburst Band's "Everyday" (see previous review!) and the guys have managed to draw in yet another top-of-the-class vocalist in the sexy and delectable shape of Meli'sa Morgan! This is a collectible 7" release and is paired with the superb "Damn Beautiful" featuring Laura Jackson, which is lifted from their essential 2009 album release, "Going Out Tonight" (also reviewed.) If you are already of fan of the Cool Million sound, which is essentially the best amalgam of 80s US Club sounds, then this will definitely be on your wants list to Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas or your Lady who has a very similar costume from Ann Summers in her collection!

Your feet will tap to this and you will, I guarantee, love it on first hearing. Meli'sa Morgan is still one of THE best RnB vocalists around and her 2005 set for Orpheus testified to that. This, and not today's plodding, dark and muddied grooves is what I feel suits her rip-roaring, soaring and flighty vocal style. The funky keys, rhythm guitar and 80s soulful synths carry her higher and higher and I would lay money down that this is the best studio fun she's had since 1986! For those Laura Jackson virgins, the best way to describe her voice is...gorgeously smooth and sexy. The tune is very much in the mid 80s style and very much in a Change / SOS Band mode! What a double header this is, and an extra boon for those who still like buying vinyl singles of this calibre...ooooh take me back to the mid 80s and Venus Records in my old home town so I can taste this feeling all over again...

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe