Saturday, 26 December 2009

Various Artists - John Morales: The M and M Mixes - 2009 - BBE

This compilation is SUPERB! BBE have really done a great job here compiling this nugget of a release...every track a winner and to be honest most songs do not need an introduction. It's simply a Clubber's paradise put to disc - and of course, a double Cd will only suffice. Full-length 12" mixes deserve nothing less, and the quality of this Man's work also deserves no less than a double compilation. With the late Sergio Munzibai he formed M+M productions and together they waved their musical magic wand over many, many classy dance cuts and giving them added dancefloor power! This compilation proves this in a very concise and succinct way. Class Action's evergreen "Weekend" still gets the feet moving and can - or at least should! - pack a dancefloor or two today. This stuff sounds amazing with the volume pumped right up, and so I heartily suggest you do so to this and all tracks! Ronnie Dyson...I had totally forgotten about "All Over Your Face"! The shame! This mix has a great Willie Colon "Set Fire To Me" Latin Vibe complete with bells and freaky synths. These RnB puppies of today with their autotuners etc cannot even come within a galaxy of creating music as strong, progressive and dancible as this.

The late, great and sadly missed Curtis Hairston really impressed me back in '83 with "I Want You (All Tonight)" and still gets a serious walloping out at home and in the car to this very day. The crowning glory though has to go to the KILLER tune "Barely Breaking Even" from the dear old Universal Robot Band...still a classic and every bit as essential in 2009 as it was back in 1982. They simply don't make tunes like this any more, and such is my gripe with the insipid US scene at the moment. CD two is a melody of Salsoul tunes...Inner Life, First Choice, Skyy and Logg. Each and all artists of much esteem, and these are also previously unreleased mixes to boot! Logg's "Lay It On The Line" is one of my favourite tunes from Salsoul in it's declining 80s years, and this version here adds a lot more percussion and vibrancy than the aforementioned LP track. So much effort and soul has been pumped into these truth, as BBE and Morales know to well, you really do need more than a bassline to make a great dance record. You need to FEEL the groove, and his mixes here certainly do this in great measure. Check out the remix of Funk Deluxe "This Time" as an exemplifier...another solid dancefloor tune from the mid 80s that wipes the floor with EVERYTHING that the kids throw up at the scene today. Hopefully some young buck will pick this CD up, take a listen and feel that real FIRE that was injected into these songs...and takes that afresh and injects it into today's scene. If any compilation can do that, this will!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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