Saturday, 26 December 2009

William Scott - Kooly - 2009 - William Scott Music

This is a BRILLIANT album! I am sure most commentators in the soul music world will slate it as it sounds old school and isn't street enough but this is EXACTLY why I like it - it's an honest to God real soul album for pity's sake in the tradition of Bert Robinson, Jeffrey Osborne, Scott White or Chris Walker. If you love the deep, rough soul men of the 80s then this album is for you! Forget the cloned New Jack / RnB artists this guy is the real deal and his latest CD is one that any lover of proper soul music worth his or her salt will want n their collection! "Twelve O Five" doesn't kick off the CD, but more like shoots it into the stratosphere! The 80s flow is strong and the slap bass really pleases these ears. The groove is akin to Carl Anderson's "Hurry Back", and that automatically wins this grumpy old scribe over without fail! This guy's vocals are superb...he would have definitely been lauded as a real talent back in the days when the Major labels were run by intelligent adults.

Another clear winner is the second track, "Love Gone Bad". This groove would easily sound great with someone equally as powerful a vocalist such as Glenn Jones or Chris Walker. Imagine Chris Walker making an album circa 1986 - 1987. Superb! As a downtempo effort, "If You Let Me" is also excellent. William's spoken intro is explosive and his voice is so, so similar to Larry Graham...deep and rich with real edge. Again, the soulful vocals and quiet storm groove is amazing and exactly what I love to hear. The music here reminds me of what we would expect to hear from, say, Nicolas Bearde! An indie sounding "Everything I Am" reminds me of material that would have surfaced on Macola records - think Sergeant Tucker and "Come See Me" and you ain't far from that particular vibe. The uptempo material is a bit weaker to be honest and dated as some of the latter 80s material can be. What is of importance, though, is the undeniable talent that this man possesses...and the quality songs that I have underscored for you here...please, please, please, do NOT overlook this album. One for the connoisseurs out there.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe