Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Al Supersonic And The Teenagers - Keep On Walking - 2010 Unique Records

When I first heard this I was floored. The 1960s are back! Fans of the late '60s sounds are going to rave and rave over this, and with every justification possible. I was so uplifted when I heard this slice of brassy, horn-filled uptempo soul music. This sounds like a rare, undiscovered gem that has sat covered in dust in Richard Searling's Soul Cellar...but trust me, it isn't! It's a brand new recording from a bunch of Spanish gentleman who say that they are are not a soul band, but are soul boys! I think that both apply to you, dear chaps, and on the quality of this I would adore seeing their very own live performances! This single is one that really is a must-have, and I was excited to discover that it was also available to download from iTunes as well as Juno. Anyway, the tunes themselves will surely speak for themselves.

The vocalist has a raw, gritty style that would not be a million miles from the likes of Skull Snaps. He definitely sounds Afro American and very soulful - but no, he's very much Spanish and a million miles from 1960s Detroit! As I constantly say, none of this matters any more. I know where the quality is at, and it's definitely, in part, found in Germany! Unique Records have graced our turntables and CD player, Ipods etc with some great material, and this simply adds to it. The A Side, "Keep On Walking" is definitely one for the Northern affiliate. the horns, and Ronnie McNeir swing and swish are all there - a great, great tune. Enough said. The flipside, however, is the one that really gets my juices flowing! It's...sunshine...trapped in a groove. How great to hear music like this again - and NEW! The brass punches, the rhythm guitar superb and the percussion livelier than a cartload of monkeys, this is one song to get the smile well and truly etched on your face. An essential purchase.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe