Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Paul Mac Innes - Sunshine - 2010 - Sundae Soul

You may well recall the sheer joy which befell me on hearing the Paul mac Innes and T.B.O.I. album in the last few months of 2008. This is still an album that I play constantly. Their style is absolutely unique and both music and vocals are top-notch, for me a soulful match made in heaven. If proof is ever necessary that soul music is alive and well, then look no further than this fantastic duo. We've moved on a bit now, and 2010 sees the release of a bubbly little 7" release on the consistently good Sundae Soul label out of Germany. This single is a brand new header, "Sunshine", and is flipped by the serene horn version of "Welcome To The Bunker". "Sunshine" is the song that I will focus on, as I have already covered the flip side and said review can be sought out on these fair pages!

T.B.O.I., aka Bjorn Almgren, is not present on this cut but if you like the style of the previous CD, then it's pretty much certain that you will like this too. Following suite from the superb boogie releases courtesy of the likes of Cool Million, this song takes an 80s vibe complete with slap bass and dreamy keys courtesy of Hakan Glante. A sure stepper to get the feet onto that all-important dancefloor, I only hope that our poor soul-starved US cousins get to savour this stylish, classy and sturdy form of groove. The US is definitely lacking, big-time, in the quality stakes - and has done for some years now - and the likes of Paul Mac Innes easily sweep in and dominate where the old masters used to reign. This is excellent material and would easily slot nicely onto a forthcoming Soul Togetherness 2010. Hopefully a new album will follow on soon. And as soon as we know about it, the sooner you will too!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe