Friday, 19 February 2010

Various Artists: The Dutch Nu-Jazz Movement - What's Nu? - 2010

If anyone hasn't got the idea that I believe that the UK and Europe hold all the aces music Wise, especially in the jazz circle, then let me lay it down for you again! Holland adds it's clout to the bristling, healthy and vibrant Euro-Jazz scene with this excellent release that will appeal to lovers of all jazz styles. The opening song, "Reverse" by the Jazzinvaders is a real winner and showcases the various elements of the nu-jazz movement both musically and vocally. I even hear shades of the Mizell Brothers and Charles Stepney on here, and one can throw back to more recent exponents of the groove such as 4 Hero as well. I so much cannot stop playing the ultra-cool, Mizell Brothers flavoured KILLER "Rika". This is such a classy, summery tune...the 70s styled dreamy keys and synths are straight out of the Blue Note catalogue and the cool rap on here is very sexy and blindingly brilliant. I cannot stop playing this song, and will have to check out more of this wonderful group.

"Yu" by State Of Monc featuring Jesse Van Ruller is a barnstorming slab of broken-beat funky jazz that is really appreciated LOUD. Compare this to the insipid smooth jazz mooning depressingly about in the US in an elevator or drug store near you...deary me! There is no comparison!!! Please also check out the Jazzinvaders remix at the end of the CD...oh yes!! This is what we want!!!! Monsieur Dubois appears here with the brassy and energetic "Something Nu". This is exactly what we would have heard out of the US many moons ago in the early 1970s, and the likes of these great new artists, and those of late such as Jukka Escola manage to keep the passion, the verve...the JAZZ...alive. The song really surprises us by taking a haunting turn and spins the whole ideology of the groove on it's head...this song is pure genius! The superb Jazzinvaders throw their immeasurable musical weight behind this with the buoyant vocal effort on "Make It Work". This is very Manhattan Transfer meets Chris Standring meets Donald Byrd! Brilliant!!!! "Duke" by the Flowriders hits a Dexter Wansel mid 70s flavour a la Life On Mars and is totally essential. This CD packs more punch than most jazz releases and I cannot recommend it enough! Due for release on the 26th March in the UK.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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