Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Various Artists - Jump Start Music - 2010

Now then! This is a compilation to die for!!!!! Every single track is essential. From quality modern two-step soul, through jazz to Latin and gospel this set contains no fillers, but plenty of dynamite. I have had this CD on constant rotation here at home and in the car. The CD booklet contains some very, very warm words courtesy of the most soulful physician, the Good Doctor Bob Jones and I totally concur with his warm, effusive statements about Ginger Tony and his excellent radio show. Having such comments from an esteemed gentleman such as Bob on one's side does nothing but add serious credibility to your cause. I have nothing but warm words myself and can only say that this CD is to be purchased blind, no questions asked. It really is that good. I have my favourites - or, rather the creme de creme as far as these ears are concerned, and I have to raise track 2, "Something's Changing" as my first highest of high points! OK, the name of the group may raise a few eyebrows - it certainly did mine and boy am I blessed in the eyebrow department! The Wet Cookies' "Something's Changing" is a song that completely blew me away...if you're lucky enough to have recently fallen in love then this song is so perfect in summing up these most amazing of feelings and experiences. Besides that it is a smoothly funky tune with an incredibly soulful bassline and rhythm guitar...mindblowing stuff on every level.

The blistering Afro-Cuban groove of Geordie boys Smooth and Turrell. This is massive! Lifted from their "Antique Soul" album this kind of material makes a mockery of the insipid trash that passes as jazz in the USA. Indeed, fans of material by the likes of the High Five Quintet will so, so feel at peace with the superb "Day By Day" by the Jazzinvaders. This is real jazz, none of this wishy-washy smooth malarkey! Furthermore the great Brenda Boykin weighs in with "Love Is In Town", lifted from her essential "Chocolate And Chilli" CD. This track alone is enough, should you not own the CD already, to order her CD immediately. For soulful house heads who lap up a bit of retro disco, please, please, please check out the Ralf Gum original Disco Attack mix of "Higher High" featuring the Sylvester-like gospel tones of Daniel Thomas. This is a massive nine minutes and 35 seconds of soulful house bliss. You will be hard pressed to find better than this. This compilation is AWESOME. Do not let this slip through your paws!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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