Monday, 8 March 2010

Chazz Dixon - Love Notes - 2010 - Da'Soul Records

Chazz Dixon is one of the most fortunate singers that I personally know. The recording stable at Da'Soul Records is unlike no other I know and is a sheer powerhouse of creativity. This creativity is allowed to flow and do what it does. There's no stifling of talent, no pandering to the marketing boys, no bandwagon jumping and no following crazes or trends. Solid singing, a loving production team and a work ethic stronger than anything else, Da'Soul consistently and - amazingly - dish up the goods every single time. The album is, as we would expect a collaboration between Chazz and the SUPERB 'J' who has that knack of crafting just the right tune for each and every artist on the rosta. The collaboration here is simply one of symbiosis. Hand in glove, J's solid production skills and instrumentation is a perfect match for Chazz's sweet, soulful falsetto. The resulting album has to rate as the best that Chazz Dixon has laid down, and that is a mean feat by anyone's standards!

The opening track is DELICIOUS. It has a real mid-80s feel too it...a sturdy backbeat, a dark and brooding feel yet sublimely soulful and funky..."Understand It". This is such a strong track that I could recommend the album for this track alone. Even the rap that appears mid-way through does nothing to spoil the flow. A track that I have on replay, I know that you will love this one. If 80s Kevin McCord / One Way is your bag then the acoustic, summery "You Waited Too Long" should put a spring in your step. The synth in the background almost captures the early 80s Isley Brothers sound too, and this is yet another welcome facet of this album. "Mellow Mood" plays, yet again, strongly on the 80s feel. This is still very much a Y2K song, don't get me wrong BUT these cats know the anatomy of a groove and they deploy all the right things in all the right places. That happens to have a great classy 80s feel for my money! For example the acoustic guitar and flute employed in "The Night Is Mine" and "Cryin' Forever" presses all the right buttons, and I cannot thank the fellas enough for such a grooves today in 2010. Chazz Dixon is a study in sensitivity, J a strong and powerful producer. Together they create real magic. Don't let this album - or any other recent releases by Chazz or J go by without your attention.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe