Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Low-D - You Bring The Change - 2010

Low-D is otherwise known as a gentleman called Daniel Brelaz, who creates the superb musical soundscape for lyricist Chris Godfrey to embellish for the super-soulful vocalist Gary Poole. If you love the sensitive, soulful vocals of 70s and 80s artist, Michael Jeffries. In fact imagine Jeffries back with Tower of Power and you're basically not a million miles from where Gary Poole sits. This is yet another modern soul album that distinctly shuns the crass teenage libido-driven machismo of the US R'n'B scene and wholeheartedly embraces the traditional values of soul and funk with plenty of real instruments, proper singing and a healthy dash of soul music Mom's Apple Pie style. This is the kind of material that'll be sought after in the years to come as it contains within it everything that a true music lover could ever want. It is song-driven, for starters, ensconced with talented musicians, has direction and is...ta-daa!!!!!...intelligent! This music doesn't need to drag it's ass along the gutter to appropriate listenership. Daniel, Gary, Chris and the fellas are on a mountain top and doing a grand job appealing to those intelligent enough to appreciate the holy grail that is real music!

I am particularly drawn to the early 80s elements within their diverse, rich and toothsome musical flavours. The keys are straight out of the halcyon years of 1979 - 1982 and the warm, dreamy days of summers past spring to mind when I hear a gem such as "You Bring The Change", especially when you add the brass and the bluesy Eric Gale styled guitar. This is QUALITY. No more no less. Fans of the bluesier side of Remy Shand, or even Tuomo will find that they will be attracted to songs such as this, and "Mr. In-Between" - vocally this gentleman has more than a hint of the aforementioned Michael Jeffries and even 80s soul indie star, Frederick! Those delicious 80s fender rhodes keyboards grace "Turn Back Time" and herald a great 'feel-good' song as they also do, even more so with "Expectations"...the latter part of the song is 80s keys heaven!!!! If only more artists would use these keyboards again - or older ones. Lenny White are you reading this???? LOL. The keys are garnished with a steely muted trumpet on "Ain't No Worries" and does little wrong for my money. In fact, little can be said against this CD. It's solid, dependable and crammed full of real instruments and overflowing with soul. What more can we want?

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe