Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Georg Levin - Everything Must Change - 2010 - BBE

Former Wahoo man Georg Levin returns with a second album that is well worthy of your consideration. I adored his 2006 remake of "Keep Making Me High" and have anticipated new material ever since. This CD is soulful, funky and right in the classy BBE bag! The Willie Hutch / Norman Whitfield squeeze-box rhythm of the opening song "I Need To Understand" seriously sets the tone and pace of the set. Dreamy, funky, spacey and ethereal...Georg Levin weaves a gorgeously sumptuous soundscape which appeals to all worshippers of the good groove. I certainly love this song as it ticks many a box and it's a 'different' sound, adding much texture to today's diverse and vibrant European soul / jazz music scene. Take the title track for an exemplifier - a solid house beat paired with soulful 80s synths and soulful vocals reminiscent of The Limit - simply marvellous! "Runaway" evokes an 80s soul / pop crossover feel, and although conservatives may balk a bit at this I rather fancy that it will grow on them if they give it a chance!

For lovers of boogie tunes "The Better Life" will appeal to those who fell in love with Nick Van Gelder's "Choose Music" album. This is right back into Rod Temperton territory circa 1980 and something I can definitely feel. "Time To Reenact" with it's great guitar and live feel should also appeal to those who like a solid beat, real instruments and early 80s atmosphere. There are even reggae flavours on here - not my cup of tea, but I'm sure those without blinkers will also dig this sort of groove. I personally far more approve of the latter track, "Late Discovery", a corker of a closing track which features some lovely strings, sympathetic arrangements which are both traditional yet rather futuristic at the same time. I also like the style of Georg Levin's vocals. His refreshing European approach adds a real edge to proceedings and on this track in particular give it real strength. I have hit the replay button a great deal on this song - a superb performance from a consummate artist who is certainly a multi-talented one. Much respect to both Georg and BBE.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe