Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Tashan - All Or Nothin' - 2010

Tashan Rashad won a place in my heart - and, presumably, yours - back in late 1986 with his debut Def Jam album, "Chasin' A Dream", and his subsequent albums "On The Horizon", "For The Sake Of Love" and "Life Goez On" did nothing but swell an already classy armoury of songs from this true gentleman of soul. Twenty-four years on Tashan has been working away on a number of albums that have been available to download and 2010 sees the amalgamation of some of these songs onto the new release, "All Or Nothin'" - a release that he should be justifiably proud. Tashan proves, like many others, that he doesn't need the stifled support of a major label to release quality music. This set contains more extensions from his mind and has set them in a more urban setting. Worry ye not though, as this is NOT some bragging pimply trousers down by your crotch sort of crass R'n'B effort. Tashan is class and that follows through on what he does here.

The opening cut "Love Is Something" is urban yet agreeably soulful and who can argue when this brilliant vocalist is at the helm. Tashan has created a number of albums to suit various tastes and for me I am comfortable with this. He can, unlike many others, carry it off. I truly love the different and interesting "In My Life" which is a real must-listen-to track; one that gets into your head and under your skin. The simple, yet intricate melody is so so what we have come to expect from this great man. I feel the same way about "I Just Wanna" - a laid back, summery vibe. What's missing for me are some Jerry Hey styled horns. Man, would that be an added bonus on this. The wah-wah guitar flavoured jam "Right Now" is strong and reminds me of a mid '90s jam a la H-Town or someone of that genre. "Lost In Love" with it's freaky synths a la Phyllis Hyman's "It's All About Me" and the hand-clap Hip Hop beat is neatly matched with Tashan's eminently soulful vocal approach. In a younger artist's hands this would well be a disaster...Tashan is a hands-down winner here. Excellent. OK, it isn't of the calibre of his 1993 album "For The Sake Of Love", but this is another extension of the man - and a welcome addition as far as I am concerned. You can download this album direct from the Man himself on and the good old fashioned hard copies will be available from 30th April! I am so pleased to welcome back this true statesman of modern soul...Mr. Tashan Rashad.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe