Thursday, 7 October 2010

Cashflow - Cashflow - 1986 - Funkytown Grooves USA

Nice to see this reissued on CD - NOT for the very first time ever as stated as this did get a CD release in Europe on Mercury back in 1986 as I have a copy!!! However, errors aside, this edition is far more essential for the fact that the artwork is far better AND we get the 1`2" extended versions of the hit single "Mine All Mine" and "Party Freak" which was not on the original CD. This was a blinding set in it's day and as far as this scribe is concerned, it still is. I have NEVER stopped playing tracks such as "Party Freak" and "Mine All Mine", and to a certain extent the follow-up 12" single release from December 1986, "Spending Money" and "Can't Let Love Pass Us By". All this from the classic period of Atlanta Artists releases courtesy of Cameo's Larry Blackmon. If you adored the Barbara Mitchell song " Never Knew Love Like This Before" also from 1986 (PLEASE release this on CD, fellas!!!!) then this album will be right up your street.

Strong as you like, "Party Freak" opens up this set and for me is stronger than the extended 12" version by far. Harder, more concise and full of everything that made this musical marriage so brilliant: The soulful vocals of the Cashflow crew as well as Larry Blackmon's super-funky production and more than able rap vocal break. This kind of stuff wipes the floor with today's insipid manufactured R&B drivel, and reissues such as this will always be right on time, vastly overshadowing any new release. The hit that was "Mine All Mine" was the pinnacle of well crafted adult R&B that successfully took both the US and UK hit parade by storm. Oh, what great days these were! A quality adult groove that stormed into the Summer with style, class and vigour. Again, the album version is the stronger effort here for me and is still, after 24 amazingly fast years, in rotation at home and in the car. This is 'fell-good' soul dance at it's 80s best, and similar plaudits accredit "Can't Let Love Pass Us By" also. A pity their follow-up release was nowhere in the same league, but comforting to know that the band still perform and will hopefully get back into the studio. This would be good news indeed! An essential release.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe