Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Brick - Waiting On You - 1980 - Funkytown Grooves USA

Being a terse, grumpy old bag of wind it takes a LOT to excite me, especially musically. Especially today. It's a label such as Funkytown Groove who have connected with the Big Boy major Labels in the US, AND who are also dedicated to issue as much quality product to us as humanly possible. Their recent flurry of issues in 2010, and their list of releases due-soon have had this aforementioned miserable git bouncing up and down in my slightly worn and past it swivel chair. This wonderful 1980 release from Brick is one of those albums that got me very puffed up and pleased! The great group who, on Bag Records gave us classic 70s funk numbers such as 'Dazz' and 'Dusic' released this superb effort which contains many brilliant gems such as my favourite "Get Started". This song, and this song alone would sell a compilation set to me, no matter how poor the other inclusions may be. Having never expected these releases to come to light - even in Japan where they are rather sluggish, if however willing, this is an amazing release at a very reasonable price.

"Get Started", complete with great rhythmic guitar and spacey synths and a gorgeous flute solo makes this an essential purchase by itself. Dancefloor veterans will no doubt remember the dancefloor single, "Push, Push" that updated somewhat the 'Dazz / Dusic' theme. The easier "All The Way" contains great Rhodes keyboards, and should have had greter radio potential in it's day. the lazy groove of "Don't Ever Lose Your Love" follows a more southern groove a la the Bar Kays, and the guitar really makes this song have some punch. The guitar is also prominent in the sax-drenched summery ballad "Let Me make You happy", a groove that would be easily comfy on a Con Funk Shun set from the same era. Being Funkytown Grooves, we don't just get the original LP, but we get this set in an expanded format and following the great midtempo "Spread love" we have full length versions of the classics "Dazz" and "Dusic". What more do we want? How about their other sets? Well, they be a comin' soon...until then another essential release from the guys at FTG!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe