Monday, 23 February 2009

Darrius - Can't Get Enough

“Can't Get Enough” is a strong album built on some very firm musical foundations. We've had a number of albums from this gentleman and each release has seen a further development, refinement and evolution. This organic approach to the man's output has really captivated me and has always held me in anticipation for the next album. This being the case, this CD rates as his strongest and most consistent set to date. Darrius has not taken the Urban route neither has he exploited a retro revival. Ploughing his own furrow, Darrius is doing what he does best and that is to express himself. I was immediately won over with the initial song, “All I Want” - my only beef that it is woefully short. Another minute would have been preferable. “Hold On To You” is next on the menu and vocally Darrius echoes the likes of Donnell Jones or even Parkes Stewart. “Back To You” is something that is not far removed from the more chunkier efforts of Eric Benét, bass-rich, slinky in the beat department and quirky keys aplenty. If you happen to find this a bit on the heavy going side I think you will be better served by the more uplifting and melodic “Get It On”.
The title song, “Can't Get Enough”, really is a winner. A nice contrast is the slow, deliberately slow rhythm and the more acrobatic and animated vocals which contradict the rhythm. The 70s keys add another edge and bring a dream-like ambience to it. These songs may sound simple but there is quite a bit of thought and structure to it. There is a lot to listen to here and when you scratch the surface the more you discover. I have fallen for another song on here – now this is a real stonker of a track, folks! “Wild In Me” packs some clout and is a real fine effort containing some lovely melodies, riffs and warm 70s styled keys. Nice horns too. Imagine the best tracks from P J Morton's first set and there you have the track in a nutshell. “Why Fight” wears a similar face and the horns work very well. “Hold On To You” is my third real fave here – almost – almost! - does the flavour return to a 60s flavour. I think you'll love this, and for my two cents tracks like this are worth their weight in gold. If you're still unconvinced then head over to the piano led “Get Down To This Loving” and you should get a more complete picture. For me, though, it's a no-brainer – the CD is worth every penny.

Barry Towler