Thursday, 4 February 2010

Cool Million - Back For More - 2010 - Sedsoul

Cool Million have not skipped a beat as far as their releases are concerned. You'll have read my recent account of the latest single release; a very special two-header featuring 80s soul man Eugene Wilde and soulful sister Dee Dee. There has also been the deliciousness of "Sweet Baby" with the awesome power of Meli'sa Morgan. The soul community here in the UK and Europe were uproariously in support of these songs - "Loose" especially being hailed for it's greatness. Following this we now have the follow-up album and what a real treat this album is...superb, soulful, highly danceable and vigorous enough to get even the most rusty of dancing shoes creaking out onto the dancefloor. How gratifying it is for me to hear such wonderful music being made today - my heart sings when I hear really uplifting soul music and the 80s flavours absolutely result in me feeling...oh so good. A party is all well and good, but one can, I feel, ascertain a party by the quality of the guests. And check out the guest list!!!! Al Broomfield, Leroy Burgess, Jahah, Peggi Blu, Rena Scott, Paul Mac mention a few! This, folks, is one hellava party!!!

Of the new tracks, Jeniqua's "Making Love" is total, total quality. A brilliantly rounded vocalist of the caliber of Tamia (although singing mature music as opposed to kids' RnB) sings as sweet as a bird on the beautiful midtempo effort "Making Love"...a track that is both very 1980s and yet very 2010 in the same breath. An instant dancefloor hit. Now, saying that, I can apply that statement to ANY of the tracks on here. Man of the moment, Leroy Burgess, helps bring the heat up on the track "Cool Million" - a track that perfectly complements the legend's very own SUPERB "Throwback 2" compilation album which you will be able to savour this May! We all remember the wonderful Al Broomfield for his 1987 Vision LP / CD and all the gems that contained...he returns with a vengeance with the brilliant "Stay Close"; a memorable and moving effort which wuill not disappoint you. Better still, though, is Jahah's KILLER midtempo number "Magiq" which possesses all the style, grace and irresistablity of an 80s Jam and Lewis SOS Band production. The rap on here does not foul the song's atmosphere either. Classy, classy, classy. Fans of Rena Scott will celebrate the joyous inclusion of "Come 2 Me", a track that reminds me of "Give Me Your Love" from the previous album! Blinding backing music, and sensual vocals all amount to a magnificent 4½ minutes of danceable soul music.

The UK's own mega-talent Noel McKoy slays us with the tremendous basspin-rumbler "Just Dance". Smooth, relaxed and unruffled - a typically British approach yet restrains the drum machines that threaten to burst out of the boom box and blast us back to 1985. Oh, I'm in heaven with music like this. The sexy Clare Evers brings another dimension to the album's already brimming quality with the 1984-ish "You Got Style". This is simply what this tired, grumpy old goat or a reviewer wants to hear! Topping the cake is the mega-talented Paul Mac Innes with his "I'm So Glad"...this is exactly what we have been treated to with his 2008 album and recent single. Taken as a whole, a recent comment made on this set being a 'masterpiece' isn't an exaggeration. Rob Hardt and Frank Ryle, along with all their soulful friends and colleagues do much more than make great music...they keep the flame burning and light a few more torches for the next generation...a generation who may not otherwise hear or understand the love, beauty and uniqueness of what quality soul has to offer.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe
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